Resource Works

Intelligently Create and Distribute Access Resources That Matter

Empower your field teams to customize resources and generate targeted presentations guided by data-driven recommendations. The Elandas Resource Works module is highly flexible, supporting complex messaging across print, digital and online presentation formats. The result is an intuitive user experience tailored to your organization's preferences and compliance guidelines.

Pull-Through Picks

Provide users with rules-driven resource recommendations based on business goals and customer attributes

  • Rules-based resource recommendations and intelligent messaging suggestions based on business goals
  • Preconfigured to streamline and increase impact and utilization at local market and/or HCP levels

Pull-Through Xpress

Instantly create customized pull-through resources using flexible templates that follow your business rules

  • Use flexible pre-approved templates to rapidly create content at state, local, and/or HCP levels
  • Import access data and allow optional content customization, with business rules applied to ensure compliance
  • Immediately download for digital or print-at-home use and directly build rosters for print distribution

eGenerate Viewer

Customize customer presentations at both field and home-office levels to be shared on screen and via email

  • Presentations with field-level customization combined with home-office control to support access strategies
  • Pre-call information for key HCP market access facts and instant post-call distribution via email or shared links