Pull-Through Xpress

Create and deliver pull-through resources templated to your business rules

Elandas offers an alternative to free yourself from rigid third-party solutions for pull-through resource creation. The Elandas Pull-Through Xpress module is highly flexible, supporting data integration and complex messaging across print, digital and online presentation formats. The result is an intuitive user experience tailored to your organization's preferences and compliance guidelines.

  • Create an optimal pull-through system without tradeoffs
  • Rapidly distribute resources to your customers
  • Expand beyond print with digital detailing
  • Monitor dashboards for utilization

Add on Pull-Through Picks

Let Elandas power your local market access strategies

Provide users with rules-driven one-click access to recommended resources for their specific territories. Bypass the burden of additional pre-call planning to serve up recommendations for the right resources at the right time.