Account Intelligence

Integrate, Validate and Enhance Comprehensive Account Profiles with Simple Intuitive Execution

Fully integrate and leverage ALL your available resources – including third party datasets and human intelligence on key accounts. The Elandas Account Intelligence module enables clients to effectively track and share critical market access information on payers, institutions, and health systems, adapting on the fly to evolving data needs. We help clients move beyond cumbersome tracking spreadsheets and supplement CRM adaptations to save time and improve results.

Third-Party Data

Auto-import key access datasets from third-party recurring data feeds and apply custom transformations

  • Import select fields from third-party data feeds and use workflow to automate review and validation of key account-level access data

  • Overlay local market payer information with other third-party datasets (e.g., Rx activity, health systems)

  • Enable role-based dashboards and views to deliver real-time access to combined datasets to support sales and marketing efforts

Organizational Intelligence

Capture and fully leverage account team expertise and proprietary access information

  • Collect proprietary payer access information unavailable in syndicated data (e.g., mandated SPs, assignment of benefit policies, billing and coding guidelines)

  • Enable account teams to adjust payer access data for coverage wins and override any inaccurate or dated third-party data

  • Collect and aggregate launch coverage projections and measure against actual payer results as P&T decisions are made

Reporting Engine

Comprehensive reporting offers real-time views of integrated data and access scenarios

  • Draw upon the value of integrated, validated data to review access metrics at national, state and local market levels
  • Examine competitive views to evaluate relative coverage positions and assist with market segmentation
  • Evaluate the impact of access changes at payer and geography levels