Elandas_Round_Icons_72dpi_12Account Intelligence

Collect, validate and enhance comprehensive account profiles with simple intuitive execution

Fully integrate and leverage ALL your available resources - including third party datasets and human intelligence regarding key accounts. The Elandas Account Intelligence module enables clients to effectively track and share critical market access information on payers, institutions, and health systems, adapting on the fly to evolving data needs. We help clients move beyond cumbersome tracking spreadsheets and supplement CRM adaptations to save time and improve results.

  • Improve account-level access data with minimal effort via smart workflow
  • Capture unique data based on your specific needs
  • Manage launches and scenario planning
  • View your integrated access landscape

Elandas_Round_Icons_72dpi_13Add on Market Intelligence

Let Elandas apply your business rules to create detailed local market reports and generate insights needed for key business decisions

Apply your account intelligence at the local level. Pull information on key geographies ranging from state down to CBSA and even territory levels. Access is local, so ensure that your data is as well.