Achieve Cross-Functional Pull-Through Excellence and Eliminate Inefficiencies

Bring your best practices to life. The Elandas Access RunBook™ module puts you in full control of your pull-through efforts. Our interactive automation and workflow connects your entire cross-functional team, triggering the right actions by the right people at the right time, with an interactive Dashboard for full campaign visibility.

Win Communication

Efficiently capture access changes and share key details with all relevant stakeholders

  • Start with a market event and begin the pull-through cascade with a single click
  • Capture key aspects of an access win or change and easily create and distribute comprehensive internal communications

Account Analysis

Integrate and review account membership, concentration and competitive position by geography

  • Instantly analyze key account attributes with integrated data visualization and excel-based reports
  • Leverage existing client datasets to view and visualize payer enrollment and market access by market and/or HCP.

Pull-Through Planning

Effortlessly engage and manage your cross-functional market access team with role-based actions and real-time tracking

  • Utilize smart workflow to engage your team and ensure flawless execution of established best practices
  • Set campaign goals and objectives, automate task notifications by role, and review interactive dashboard to quickly monitor progress

Print & Digital Pull-Through Execution

Create and manage tactics that intelligently optimize field pull-through efforts

  • Manage all external resources and internal communications in one place including drafts and distribution information
  • Monitor key timelines around review submission and field launch while receiving status updates and flagging critical delays as items are added, approved and launched

Performance Metrics

Track resource utilization and measure access marketing results

  • Systematically measure and catalog results of market access events and the associated tactics against actions
  • Graph account share pre- and post- event and derive key metrics on absolute and relative performance results