Introducing the Elandas Market Access Suite

A modular platform built to empower cross-functional market access teams

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  • Customize, not compromise

    The Elandas Suite is highly configurable and seamlessly handles complex workflows and business rules—including compliance safeguards. Modules are designed to be adapted to your unique business goals and requirements.

  • Simplify complexity through workflow

    The access landscape can be complex, and requires a solution capable of handling multiple inputs and evolving business rules. With Elandas, you choose how and when to analyze markets, execute pull-through, and report results, using powerful workflow to ensure the right steps are followed for each participant and project.

  • Gain efficiency with automation and data integration

    With an integrated approach to planning and execution, Elandas automates tasks to engage stakeholders at exactly the right time. For our customers, this means comprehensive real-time updates to support strategic planning, and rapid, compliant custom pull-through resources for the field. Many tasks can be securely executed in email without even logging in.

  • Drive value with personalization

    Cross-functional team members will each experience the Elandas Suite differently depending on their role, project, and any other criteria that you define. Custom dashboards are presented at login, pulling interactive data visuals from installed Elandas modules to keep action items, due dates and key metrics all highly visible. Ensure focus and compliance at every level.

  • Generate key insights through reporting

    Eliminate data silos and fully leverage the power of your intellectual capital, with on-the fly integration of datasets and reporting. The Elandas Suite provide's customers with a "single source of truth", equiping marketers, account teams and field sales to operate at full potential.