Elevate your Access Marketing with Elandas

Create meaningful efficiency gains

Being forced to rely on spreadsheets, email and suboptimal CRM modifications for tracking and sharing Market Access data results in delays, confusion and inaccuracies. Break away from these models with software created specifically for biopharma and medical device access marketing professionals.

Generate richer insights on demand

Data is abundant. However, accessing and integrating the right data at the right time to inform business decisions can be extremely challenging for access marketers. Decide what information you want to capture from your team, augment it with third-party data feeds, and serve up both detailed and executive-level reports in seconds.

Streamline and optimize pull-through efforts

Capture, implement and track best practices using workflow and automation. Free yourself from outside limitations and create custom and templated pull-through resources using whatever data sources and business rules work best for your organization.

Enable more agile launches

Project launch status for key payers or health systems and track coverage results in real-time using intelligent cross-functional workflow and dynamic reporting tools.