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Med Device & Pharmaceutical Salesforce Effectiveness

Your customer facing teams need the right tools, intelligence and strategies at the right time. That's why adding elandas to your toolkit might just become your secret sauce.

In today’s complex selling environment, life science companies are making insight generation and insight-based selling a priority and waving goodbye to sales and marketing silos in favor of integrated commercial models.   elandas embraces this shift and has adapted our sales force effectiveness tools to address the dynamic needs of today’s healthcare products and pharmaceutical commercial teams.

elandas makes it easy for cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams to capture and share actionable intelligence and insights quickly and reliably for strategy creation and evaluation, pre call planning, account scoring, e-detailing, personalized execution of pull-through strategies and more. 

The elandas platform can be utilized in a variety of ways to improve sales force effectiveness including:

4-3.pngPre-call planning
Automatically generate and deliver interactive online or printable call lists to each sales representative based on scoring rules. Integrate multiple data sets to automatically populate each customer pre-call plan template. (for more details, check out this blog or register for a 30-minute info session)



Account scoring for unique pharma products
Use elandas’ progression ratings system to set benchmarks, measure performance, and to compare accounts for strategic purposes so resources are allocated appropriately. Learn more.

6.pngMobile engagement
Integrate with our mobile sales tool, eGenerate, for personalized e-detailing capabilities, workflow and business rules integration to consistently share up-to-date information, compliant formulary grids and other customizable pieces for the field, capabilities that are well beyond show-and-tell apps. Find out if it's right for your team.


pull through strategy.pngPainless and personalized pull through strategy activation
elandas offers an end-to-end solution to optimize your pull through strategy with the creation, approval and dissemination of printed and digital customizable marketing collateral that cuts weeks out of the typical process so your device, biotech or pharma sales team can hit the ground running. Let's jump in. 


pharmaceutical-sales-force-effectiveness.pngMarketing asset effectiveness
Use the survey functionality of elandas to gain insight from key sales reps on which marketing assets work, which don’t and why. This is a very easy execution of elandas with big benefits in terms of hard costs and sales success. Let's discuss options. 


Lately we’ve been in a very competitive space and with elandas and the amazing responsiveness of its team, we were very quickly able to capture new quantitative and qualitative insights to inform our go to market strategies. We can respond to different management requests at any given moment, and also be more proactive in our approach. I highly recommend elandas for any pharma brand that needs to capture and analyze information on an ongoing basis.

Strategic Analytics Manager, Top Pharma Brand