Painless & Personalized Pull-Through

Don't let inefficient processes affect your pull-through success. Improving speed to market and being compliant is easier than you think.

It used to take more than four weeks to get a customized piece created, and now its only 24-48 hours.

- Marketer, Top Pharma Company

Get geo-targeted pull-through materials to you sales team quickly, while still respecting regulatory groups. Enjoy customization, approval and dissemination of printed, digital and mobile formulary grids and other marketing collateral in one easy to use platform. 



Make pre-approved templates easy and compliant for everybody
Use pre-approved templates integrated with your rules data from within the Elandas Platform or from third-party data feeds for high levels of customization in a fraction of the time. Customize plan data, headline and images.




Get finished materials into the field efficiently
pull-through-block-2a.pngMove approvals along with air-tight, intelligent workflow, ensure brand-adherence and regulatory compliance. Get your finished materials into the field right away.





Define your business rules, engage your team, and save time
Save more time with mass pull-through customizations. Use the advanced roster management to efficiently handle realignments and vacancies. Add reorder rules & template expiries to ensure better regulatory compliance in the field.




Get dashboards for order intelligence
View order data by sales force, geography, plan appearances and more. Understand what is being ordered and how much is being spent. 




A pharma first e-detailing solution that reps actually like
Integrate with our mobile sales tool, eGenerate, for personalized e-detailing capabilities that go well beyond show-and-tell apps. 








Elandas Pull-Through Excellence Customer Success Story