Deliver reliable and comprehensive market access insights in less time.

It's easier than you think with the Elandas Market Access Excellence Platform

Today, too many account teams use cumbersome spreadsheets and CRM adaptations to track and share critical coverage information from multiple payers, institutions  and hospital networks. But, the status quo is costing both time and market share.



Save time and effort by streamlining intelligence flow
Individualized dashboards with to-do items, news feeds and smart tasks as well as automated reminders and expedited approvals keep the process moving forward so you don't have to.




Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.03.52 PM.pngEfficient and relia
ble knowledge capture

Make it easy for Account Teams to share their knowledge around coverage, co-pays, reimbursements, competitors, forecasts, timing and other insights in your own customized market access database of standardized, reliable and precise intelligence.


reports-charts-and-graphs-02-09.pngA more timely & in-depth view of your coverage landscape
Let Elandas incorporate your business rules to automatically generate executive-level reports for instant access to the most up-to-date insights you need anytime, anywhere.






Rule-based sharing of key wins and formulary changes
As changes occur and are validated within the platform, intelligence can be shared appropriately and cross-functionally at exaclty the right time to keep everyone informed so they can do their part sooner, armed with better information.







Elandas Market Access Excellence Customer Success Story