Cross-functional coordination, and readily available insights for your pharma launch.

Don't let inefficient, multi-stakeholder processes affect your launch success. Improving launch agility is easier than you think.

With a mix of intelligence management, pull-through and analytics capabilities, Elandas enables you and your team get the intelligence you need efficiently, both pre- and post- launch.

Page 3 Image 2 2017-08-23-2.pngImprove cross-functional coordination & insight sharing
Easily collect insight from Market Access Teams and gain cross-functional insight from other customer-facing teams. No matter what you need to know, Elandas provides the platform to collect, validate and share it according to your business rules and output needs. 






Better pre-launch understanding of your coverage landscape
Gain access to coverage projections, key dates and other relevant insights from Account teams in an efficient and user-friendly way.  As the launch progresses, easily compare projections with actuals.








Better responsiveness to market changes
Changes in formulary position and access can be frequent during a launch.  Set rules to collect, share  and prompt action so strategies can be adapted as required.








Quick and easy activation of pull-through strategies and alerts
Be prepared to act on market access changes as they occur with dynamic pull-through options that use customizable templates to easily create and share compliant formulary grids, internal win announcements and more, based on your own business rules and distribution models.

pull-through-block-1.png pull-through-block-2a.png



 The insight gathered through Elandas was really important to inform how we wanted to contract, how we wanted to send sales reps out from a pull-through perspective and allowed us to plan and execute  more confidently.

- Market Access Lead, Top Pharma


 Elandas Market Launch Excellence Customer Success Story