Launch Excellence 

Coordination, insight and agility are must-haves for a successful pharma or healthcare product launch. Simplify the process to gain an intelligence edge with elandas. 

For healthcare product and pharmaceutical marketers, launch planning and execution are high-stress - partly because it is so challenging to access the insights you need when you need them. Gathering intelligence from multiple stakeholders across widespread regions and functional areas is arduous, but also critical for effective launch planning and for the sensitive initial six month period following the launch.  

At elandas, we know you have enough on your plate without having to chase down the business intelligence you need to hit your launch milestones. We also know that this is a time when you need critical insights served up on a silver platter in near real time so you can adjust your plan accordingly for optimal results. 

The elandas platform, built specifically for life sciences companies, is critical to the launch efforts of our customers. It offers a mix of analytics, asset, and knowledge management capabilities that provide the intelligence needed sooner, both pre- and post- launch. Our customers get a solution that’s tailored to their specific needs with highly configurable workflows, business rules and survey options, as well as built-in data verification tools and custom reporting.

Adding elandas to your Launch Planning and
Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies toolkit gives you:


Improved cross-functional coordination & insight sharing
Intelligence from multiple stakeholders and groups is collected and validated within the information management platform, and shared according to your business rules and output needs. This arms decision makers with the insights they need to do their part sooner. 

Better pre-launch understanding of your coverage landscape
Our clients know that their managed care teams have predictive market access insights that can shape strategy and improve resource allocation. They don’t wait for third-party formulary access information to be released. They capture and report on forecasted coverage projections and key dates as far out as a year before launch.

Better responsiveness to market changes

Changes in formulary position and predictions around market access must be considered frequently throughout the launch period. elandas provides a way to collect and share critical insights quickly so strategies can be adapted as required. (Also see Market Access Excellence)

Feedback from field-facing teams

Once your product or brand is launched, you need to know if your strategies and tactics are working, and you need feedback from your commercial teams on a regular basis to be equipped to tackle challenges in real time. elandas business intelligence tools let you easily survey customer-facing teams and gain a pulse on the real situation at hand. (Also see Salesforce Effectiveness)

Quick and easy activation of pull-through strategies and alerts

Ensure that you are prepared to act on market access changes as they occur with our dynamic pull-through options that use customizable templates to easily create and share compliant formulary grids, call plans, internal win announcements and more, based on your own business rules and distribution models. 


Discover more about how to boost launch success by improving critical intelligence flow with elandas.

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