Frequently Asked Questions

How does elandas help with commercial excellence?

Our goal is to enable you to execute your commerical excellence strategies in the following ways; using data for intelligent insights, empowering all of your team members to efficiently work toward common goals, and sharing information effectively across all channels while maintaining a patient centric approach to executing your sales and marketing strategy. 

How does elandas improve cross-functional alignment?

Cross-functional alignment either succeeds and fails based on communication processes in place. The elandas platform is  built on the belief that a feedback loop, like the one we provide, delivers a new option for enhanced and trackable dialogue from sales to marketing to analytics (and beyond). For example, using elandas your team can share new insights into which marketing pieces are resonating with HCPs and other decision makers, and which ones are not. This provides real time data that fuels effective asset planning.

What can elandas do to help with pre-call planning?

The elandas pre-call planning solution is all about giving reps easy access to usable information in easy-to-digest formats so that they can effectively create pre-call plans that improve their results and enhance their engagements. Depending on your needs, we can layer multiple data sources and apply business rules to pull the information you need into call plans and/or call sheets. For more information on our approach read: or join an information session here.

In what way does elandas provide a competitive advantage?

We maintain a laser sharp focus on giving life sciences companies an advantage by making important intelligence accessible to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. We do this by allowing coordination and communication within our hyper-configurable, and intelligent solutions. Our Commercial Excellence Technology goes beyond other platforms by collecting deeper and more contextual insights efficiently, improving information flow, and accelerating the creation and distribution of compliant, dynamic marketing materials. 


How is your mobile sales enablement solution different than other mobile edetailing solutions?

eGenerate is a comprehensive solution that is more than just your typical "show and tell" on your mobile device. By utilizing data integrations (coverage/access data, physician scoring), custom filtering and workflows - your sales and marketing team will create a more refined, personalized and engaging experience for their call points.

How are your data collection capabilities different from a regular online survey?

elandas is an ongoing data collection platform to will allow you to maintain both a historic and current view of data and information. Changes and updates  can trigger workflows in the form of smart tasks or trigger an approval process. Most of our clients require that their data goes through at least one layer of approval before it gets put into the database, elandas makes this easy. 

How can the elandas platform be customized to meet my specific needs?

There are many customization options within the elandas suite that allow you to create a system that really works for your unique needs. Data sets, workflows and approval processes, users settings, and integration of your business rules ensure you can accomplish your specific goals.

How are you different from a CRM?

CRMs can be great at tracking information, however they are typically not designed to facilitate sales processes. As a result, CRMs are not well suited to help sales professionals leverage much of the most valuable data they have available including coverage data, demographic information, doctor level preferences and more.

The elandas platform assists you in identifying opportunities and having customer centric tools readily available to act on. It provides true data integration making it possible to take multiple data points and layer them for better insights. elandas also makes it possible to automate administrative tasks, and create materials on demand – compliantly and efficiently.

For a list to help you evaluate commercial excellence technologies versus a CRM – look here:


How do you interact, integrate or work with our current CRM solution?

Integrations with CRMs are common. How we address the integration depends on your business needs.  As long as there is an API, integration is usually possible. Custom CRMs might be an issue, and we’d have to review the documentation prior to determining if it is possible.

How do you ensure data is as up-to-date as possible?

External data is refreshed as often as it is provided. Internal data collection is typically input, then sent through a review/ approval process before it is added to the database.

What kind of insight can I get?

It ultimately depends on what you are looking for and is completely dependent upon the questions you are asking and the information you are feeding into the system. Our goal is to always make the data more accessible and easier to consume for your end users. We build our systems to take away the noise so you can focus in on critical insights that will help you accomplish your goals. Utilization reports and and other application analytics like usage and time spent, asset utilization, template usage, email and portal reports, and feedback reports are available if those capabilities are desired in your unique configuration.

What kind of pre-call planning dashboards are available?

You can turn widgets on and off to configure the dashboard, allowing your individual team members to see what’s most important to them. Please schedule a 30-minute discovery call with us to find out more about pre-call planning capabilities.

Why have I never heard of you before?

Since 2010, elandas’ award winning commercial excellence solutions have been used by some of the fastest growing pharma brands in the US. Our intuitive and highly configurable platform enables cross functional teams to capture and share layered data in new ways, capitalizing on expanded market insights in real time. Strategic decisions can be made quickly and with greater confidence. We have strategically chosen to focus on innovation and driving value for customers and have been able to grow our business by referral.

Who are your customers? / Why don’t you have customer logos on your website?

We are proud to have worked with over 70 pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology priority brands from a number of industry leading life sciences companies. Due to the significant competitive advantage of our technology, many of our clients have chosen to remain anonymous. However, if you would like a client reference, please contact us and we’d be happy to arrange.

In short, our customers are pharma and medical device companies who see a need to work with a highly flexible technology platform that focuses solely on life sciences. Our customers typically experience one or more of the following problems which we solve:

  • The need to use their data for deeper insights that will positively impact their bottom line
  • The need for improved information flow between teams for better messaging, asset development, goals, and forecasting
  • The need to get their teams to collaborate in a way that turns data into a competitive advantage
  • The need to improve their marketing and sales alignment and outcomes

All of our customers understand that we are the solution for information gaps in their organization that were costing them time and market share.

What is the implementation process?

During the rollout period, you’ll be working closely with a Customer Success Manager to align with your unique business rules or needs. The implementation timeframe depends upon the complexity of the data, data activation requirements and the other systems we’d be integrating with.

How long is implementation?

Every implementation differs. We need to fully understand your needs before we set exact timing. It depends upon integrations, data sets, users, number of assets, and training requirements. Contact us to discuss to get the discussion started.

How does pricing work?

Pricing depends on how much intelligence you want to collect, customization, integration, and support requirements.  Most of our customers have unique needs so, we dig deeper into challenges before quoting on licensing and other services and when we're done and confident we can help, we can give you a much better idea of pricing.

elandas provides the brilliance that gives me the superpower.
Senior Marketing Executive, Top Pharma Company