Market Access intelligence & communication in one easy-to-use platform

Elandas Market Access Excellence Platform helps you easily gather and consolidate intelligence from Account Managers and other customer facing teams so you and your team gain better insights, improve data reliability and trigger the appropriate actions to advance your business. The solution was originally designed and used for over a decade by one of the world’s top pharma companies to improve market access tracking and pull-through efficiency

Today, from pre-launch to launch and beyond, Elandas helps over 50 high priority brands from top pharma companies optimize critical market access intelligence to earn more share. 

How it Works:

High flexibility, ease of use, efficient deployment and customization allows for a perfectly tailored and dynamic market access solution without the high cost and time commitment you would expect. 



1. Your rules, your way

Elandas is a highly configurable platform that expertly handles complex workflows and distribution models, compliance and reliability safeguards, and can be adapted to solve your unique intelligence gathering and sharing needs.



2. We handle the complexity

The coverage landscape can be complex, and the industry needs a solution capable of handling complex inputs with validation and logic built-in. With Elandas, you choose how and when you'd like to recieve intelligence and how you'd like to view it in custom reports, win announcements and pull-through materials.


The interface is much more user-friendly, rather than a huge spreadsheet with columns upon columns-- we are able to think about what type of data we would take – range, forced answer- couldn’t achieve this type of programming in Excel.
- Access & Reimbursement Leader, Top Pharma


globe-launch.png3. Efficiency Through Automated Coordination

With an integrated approach to intelligence gathering, management and execution, Elandas uses powerful workflow to bring in the right stakeholders at the right time. For our customers, this means readily available reports to support strategic planning and fast turn-around of custom pull-through materials for the field. 

Elandas allows us to rapidly respond to different management requests at any given moment. Now we can react and be proactive in our approach.
- Strategic Analytics Leader, Top Pharma


lightbulb.png4. Drive value with personalization

Cross-functional team members become users of Elandas, and each will experience it differently depending on their role, region and other criteria you define. Custom dashboards reveal action items, news and insights. And, for those who don't want to bother logging in to do their part, many tasks can be securely executed in email.


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