Elandas Market Access Suite

The Elandas Suite empowers users to identify and act upon market access opportunities with precision and efficiency

  • Aggregate and integrate third-party market access data
  • Leverage organizational intel to validate and enhance datasets
  • Analyze data to gain insights and optimize marketing efforts
  • Implement streamlined pull-through customized to your specific roles and requirements
Our flexible Platform enables rapid configuration, customization, and scalability to accommodate the diverse needs of market access teams.



1. Your rules, your way

Elandas is a highly configurable platform that expertly handles complex workflows and distribution models, including compliance and reliability safeguards, and can be adapted to solve your unique organizational needs.



2. Manage complexity with simple execution through workflow

The coverage landscape can be complex, and requires a solution capable of handling complex inputs with validation and business rules built-in. With Elandas, you choose how and when to receive intelligence, and you can view it in custom reports, and utilize it in pull-through materials.


globe-launch.png3. Gain efficiency through automated workflow

With an integrated approach to intelligence gathering, management and execution, Elandas uses powerful workflow to engage stakeholders at the right time. For our customers, this means comprehensive real-time updates to support strategic planning and rapid, compliant custom pull-through resources for the field. 


lightbulb.png4. Drive value with personalization

Cross-functional team members can all become users of Elandas, and each will experience it differently depending on their role, region and other criteria that you define. Custom dashboards reveal action items, news and insights, and many tasks can be securely executed in email without even logging in.