Give your customer facing teams an edge with a mobile solution that goes beyond the norm.

eGenerate™ by elandas is a mobile tool that makes it simple for salespeople to customize and share impactful marketing materials on the go, while still remaining within compliance and brand guidelines using business rules and workflows set by you.

  • Build & share customized presentations using dynamic data sets around things like insurance coverages, reimbursements, and demographic information.

  • Ensure sales teams can easily find and share the most appropriate sales aids right when they need them from their mobile devices.

  • Maintain full control of your workflow, compliance processes, and user access.

  • Save time by using pre-approved templates that incorporate your business rules to control asset personalization.

  • Simplify and enhance post engagement follow ups directly from the app by generating a personal content portal for your customers.

  • Gain insight into marketing materials’ effectiveness through utilization reports and feedback from the field.

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They are the tech wiz that makes it all work. elandas is behind the scenes, giving me the power. "  Brand Manager, Top Pharma Company