Tap into the knowledge of your team for a real competitive advantage.

Woman-laptop.jpgWith eAnticipate previously siloed or inaccessible information is captured, contextualized, and easily shared with key stakeholders within your organization in real time. eAnticipate by elandas is truly a data collection and information layering "machine" designed specifically to help sales, marketing and other commercial teams in pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies gain the kind of in-depth and timely insights they need to maximize opportunities and confidently develop the strategies that give them a competitive edge.

Using eAnticipate your team can:

  • Plan your next move sooner with more confidence
  • Combine multiple internal and external data sources to create an even fuller view of competitive, market access, business planning and/or customer landscapes. 
  • Easily access historic views of ongoing data collection
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative insights from cross-functional and geographically dispersed team members. 
  • Enjoy the ease of intelligent workflows and configurability that lets you set your own business rules, workflows, smart tasks, and approval processes
  • Utilize customized management reports and dashboards

Being "in the know" sooner is what eAnticipate is all about. Contact us today to start gaining competitive advantage by filling knowlege gaps that are holding you back.


Lately we’ve been in a very competitive space and with elandas and the amazing responsiveness of its team, we were very quickly able to capture new quantitative and qualitative insights to inform our go to market strategies. We can respond to different management requests at any given moment, and also be more proactive in our approach. I highly recommend elandas for any pharma brand that needs to capture and analyze information on an ongoing basis.

Strategic Analytics Manager, Top Pharma Brand