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Top Pharma Soars to New Success with Personalized, Strategic Pull-Through Using Elandas 


  • In new business scenarios, account managers can now impress insurers by showing them what materials would look like for insurance formularies. Using Elandas, they can have the whole package done up, even before the contract is won.
  • Over $1.8 million dollars per year is being saved in agency artwork and development costs now that the customization and printing processes are faster and more templated for easier turn-arounds.
  • Last year 1,200 unique pieces were created within the system. The smaller marketing team at this pharma subsidiary would not be able to meet the demands for this kind of volume without the new Elandas efficiencies they have in place.
  • It used to take more than four weeks to get a customized piece created, and now it’s between only 24-48 hours because the copy review process is already done. Today when the team receives urgent requests they can say, “Yes” instead of, “It will take five weeks”.
  • Our client won an internal, Global Marketing Award because of their success with this innovation.


A leading subsidiary of one the top pharma companies in the world was faced with a smaller budget, and extreme human resource reductions in its marketing department at the same time. Simultaneously, it was facing fiercer competition in the marketplace.

Executive decision makers had to find new ways to fill the gaps created by missing personnel, and new solutions to enable their account management and sales teams to win new business.


Elandas was brought to the table as a technology partner that could help the now much smaller marketing team succeed. Using Elandas configured to meet their unique needs, the remaining marketers were able to face growing demands for more personalized engagements with customers. The Elandas Platform was configured for Pull Through Excellence, enabling the team to customize and share printed or digital materials like formulary grids at many times the speed they used to be able to.

This set the them up for success with their dynamic personalization efforts while at the same time enabling marketing to get out of the process as much as possible thanks to the ability to now use pre approved templates and copy that is already cleared. Now for custom requests, marketing only needs to get involved when someone wants to color outside the lines of what has already been pre-approved.