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Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Streamlines Information Flow, Gains New Insights, and Wins Back Valuable Time


Strategic analytics managers at Terri’s company were eager to support their brand teams with more in-depth, timely and reliable information. This led to an exhaustive search for a solution that could live up to the data gathering and intelligence sharing challenges that were draining resources by consuming thousands of person-hours annually.

Before using Elandas, the managers on Terri’s strategic analytics team had the nightmarish task of compiling monthly market access updates from over 65 account owners. They used Excel spreadsheets with individual tabs for different products, and had to manage hundreds of payer coverage updates via emails. They were also forced to deal with time consuming back and forth communications involved with tracking correspondence and consolidating detailed information from a myriad of sources. This highly manual process of reconciling information and chasing people down for the right data had to be done on top of their already pressing workloads. It was a painful process, leaving multiple intelligence gaps.


Terri’s team was thrilled to discover Elandas’ highly customizable technology to help them move faster and with enhanced marketplace insight. Not only were they able to solve their age-old information compiling and data sharing headaches, they were also now positioned to gain on the competition in new ways and access to new intelligence.

Working with the Elandas success team, Terri and her team decided on the key questions that their account teams would need to answer on an ongoing basis. With the intuitive user interface, account teams now have an easier time inputting and sharing market access information consistently. Forms and validation are used to ensure that information collected reflects company language and standards, and that the information is reliable and consistent throughout the organization. Automated workflow ensures a senior team member reviews all data entries. Reporting templates also allow for rapid generation of management level dashboard reports and actionable intelligence.


  • Thousands of work hours annually are being saved using Elandas's automated process for collecting and analyzing access, formulary and other dynamic marketplace data.
  • The team is gaining more in-depth and reliable information versus depending on less accurate third party data.
  • Dashboards and executive reports are now readily available and can easily be configured to meet any management requests for information visibility.
  • Management is now able to better understand its competition, and engage more confidently in business planning efforts knowing the information they have is valid and up-to-date.