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Real Time Market Access Insight Fuels Drug Launch Success


Information needs were at an all-time high for this critical large molecule launch which was in a completely new and highly competitive therapeutic area for this top pharma. The old way of collecting information from the Strategic Customer Group used massive spreadsheets to collect payer insights. It was simply not going to be able to provide the rapid turnaround needed for the launch.

Questions about access were abundant and coming from all directions. As a Market Access & Reimbursement Lead, Jackie had to gain as much insight in advance of the launch as possible around access and reimbursement. She had to find a way to track and share developments quickly and efficiently during all launch phases.

Key intelligence needs were:

  • understanding what level of coverage would be available and how quickly payers were going to review the new brand.
  • anticipating what the access would be, both pre and post formulary committee decisions andwhat patients types would be considered suitable.



The team needed an upgrade to how market access intelligence was captured and communicated. While sharing best practices, Jackie became connected with Elandas Inc. Many brands within the small molecule team of Jackie’s company had been using Elandas’ Market Access Excellence solution with great success. Jackie's team worked with Elandas’ professional services team to customize the solution for the new brand. In this tool, team members could now input the data exactly the way it was needed (something that Excel just couldn't do well). For critical elements, the tool required that certain fields were inputted before one could move forward.

Having access at their fingertips got the team energized to ask more questions. To answer them, custom reports were created and information was cut in new ways to reveal critical insights. With elandas Market Access Excellence solution, the Strategic Customer Group team was able to share developing information in real time, more easily and efficiently.



  • Stakeholders accessed key information with ease any time they needed it, day or night. Senior leadership was able to obtain desired reports on demand
  • Reporting capabilities delivered new ways to slice the data and gain insights into how fast payers would be covering the new drug; it was also available for historical reference at later dates
  • With custom dashboards, the team was able to see more clearly where they stood relative to the competition and, build the expected-access picture to see how things were falling into place.
  • With real time insight into how the formulary committee review process was evolving, strategy could be adjusted as needed. Decisions were made with greater confidence.

Organizational Buy-in

Since the launch, Elandas technology has been adopted throughout the large molecule team with senior leadership advocating it across their brands, and the account teams were happy to use it repeatedly across more products.