Process Improvement Solutions to Support Evolving Access and Commercial  Needs

For unique process improvement, intelligence collection and activation challenges.

You have unique business challenges that require unique approaches, and you need a partner with a combination of process improvement and technology skills. Over the past decade, Elandas has become a success secret serving top performing clients in pharma. 

Elandas process improvement services and custom use cases include:

5-1.pngLeveraging intelligence for strategic targeting

Making sense of large public or private data sets, often alongside analytics teams, to use as an additional layer for account segmentation, prioritization, and resource deployment.


pharmaceutical-sales-force-effectiveness.pngCo-pay program optimization
Ensuring a Patient Assistance Program has a higher ROI, strikes the perfect assistance level, retains maximum revenue, and has fewer scripts reversed




Support for regional variation
Mapping how each territory deviates from the national picture for customization of strategy, tactics, collateral, and messaging regionally.




Routing of intelligence from elandas to internal systems
Reformation of the elandas intelligence data feed to funnel data into unique, existing analytics platforms and other solutions in use.




Forecasting & business planning
Monitoring of actual data in real-time for comparison to forecasts to determine how brands are tracking during and after launch, and collecting information on the uptake of competitive brands' products. 


They are the tech wiz that makes it all work. They are behind the scenes giving me the power. 

Marketer, Top Pharma