Custom Configurations Support Evolving Commercial Intelligence Needs

For unique data collection and activation challenges, get a custom solution without the time and cost of starting from scratch.

You have unique business challenges that require unique solutions, and you need a technology partner who can go beyond the standard kind of one size fits all business intelligence tools to do the job.

Over the past decade, Elandas has become a success secret serving top performing clients in pharma, med device and biotech with purpose-built business intelligence tools.  The Elandas Platform is highly configurable, secure and can be easily adapted to address many commerical coordination and intelligence gathering challenges. With highly adjustable workflows, compliance safeguards, distribution and output options, integration capabilities and rule-based intelligence, each deployment of elandas becomes a unique solution specific enough to address each individual customer challenge.

Elandas custom use cases and development projects include:

4-3.pngPre-call planning
Automatically generate and deliver interactive online or printable call lists to each sales representative based on scoring rules. Integrate multiple data sets to automatically populate each customer pre-call plan template. 



Account scoring for unique pharma products
Use elandas’ progression ratings system to set benchmarks, measure performance, and to compare accounts for strategic purposes so resources are allocated appropriately. 


pharmaceutical-sales-force-effectiveness.pngMarketing asset effectiveness
Use the survey functionality of elandas to gain insight from key sales reps on which marketing assets work, which don’t and why. This is a very easy execution of elandas with big benefits in terms of hard costs and sales success.

2.pngReconciliation of third-party data with actuals
Updating large databases of third party purchased data on market access with actual internal data.

5.pngRouting of intelligence from elandas to internal systems
Reformation of the elandas intelligence data feed to funnel data into unique, existing analytics platforms and other solutions in use.


2-2.pngForecasting & business planning
Monitoring of actual data in real-time for comparison to forecasts to determine how brands are tracking during and after launch, and collecting information on the uptake of competitive brands' products. 


They are the tech wiz that makes it all work. They are behind the scenes giving me the power. 

Marketer, Top Pharma